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Intech was formed in 1993 to assist organizations and the people who work in them to achieve better business results through excellence in training and consultancy.

Parallel to our services enterprise, we depend on our core business, which is training and development. Our combination of real world experience, training experience, creativity and technological expertise has led us over the years to develop many innovative and effective training and development resources.

At Intech, we offer a range of training programs in various areas such as communication, HR, Personnel, Engineering, Logistics, Finance, IT, Management, Project Management, IT Security, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing ..etc. In business for 10 years, we provide training services to Fortune companies throughout the Gulf and trained over 10,000 executives in various industries.

All of our clients share with us a desire to tackle human resource projects professionally and in a manner that proves effective in the workplace, not just on paper or in the classroom.

Our consultancy services business comes primarily through referral and we are delighted to achieve that through our marketing and training business units.

Currently Intech operates through network of consultants from various countries. Through our own resources and various strategic alliances around the world, we can support and ensure a consistent approach in your operations assisting you in avoiding waste, inefficiency, conflict, and confusion.

Our Philosophy and Mission
Intech's mission is to be a centre of excellence in the provision of Training and Consultancy. We will serve all sectors of industry where our capabilities find application.

At the heart of our success is a simple 4-part philosophy: Quality, Enjoyment, Service, Measurement.

Provide world class quality in everything we do
Ensure our clients enjoy our relationship and we will too
Give our client contacts service levels that set the standard in the industry
Wherever we can, measure the positive impact our training has back at work

Experienced Management, Effective Solutions
Knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurial expertise are how Intech puts together creative, cost effective solutions that meet client needs. Our staff has a proven track record in backing up our training with word class consulting.

As consultants, we employ a unified architecture of Business Operating Systems, Quality Management disciplines, Business Process Re-engineering methods and performance enhancement tools to enable you to achieve international certification and recognition, while creating the greatest value for your customers and your stakeholders.

Intech unique method of value added system development and internal auditing provides positive bottom line impact.

Intech Directors, Associates & Trainers

The added value in Intech is our focus on the specifics of our clients business. Training & Consultancy services are presented by experienced practitioners.

Intech Key Personnel
Mr. Ahmad Abdulal Sponsor & Share Holder
Mrs. Lama Abdulal Sponsor, Shareholder & PR
Mr. Nidal Hantash Executive Development Manager
Mr. Osama Ghazi Operation Director
Mr. Ahmad Salah Marketing & Training Coordinator
Mr. Edward Nikola Area Executive / Dubai
Mrs. Maria Chee Area Executive / Malaysia
Mrs. Manal Mahmoud Area Executive / Lebanon
Mr. Abdulbaset Hanafi Area Executive / Egypt
Dr. Wael Abou Layla Area Representative & Senior Consultant / KSA
Ms. Tracy Algar Area Representative & Senior Consultant / Europe
Mr. Taymour Qabazard Area Representative & Senior Consultant / UK
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